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Jack Frost nipping at your nose….

And his mate Frosty the Snowman stopping you from going to work.

Yep, that time of year is fast approaching. The time when local Councils are caught out every year by the snow and ice. Britain’s road and rail network, public transport and flights either come to a stand still or are cancelled.

We all know the feeling of frustration when we can’t get out and about because of that pesky white stuff so we arm ourselves with a shovel in one hand and rock salt in the other, Army spec Wellington Boots to stop our feet getting wet and coats so thick they make Eskimo’s jealous just so we can clear our paths and try and get to work, school, the football or the pub.

As I said winter is fast approaching so it’s time to start looking at getting in the winter essentials and I’ll answer those 3 questions you just asked; what are the ‘winter essentials’? How much are they? And do I really need that?

Rock Salt
We all know of Rock Salt, it’s the stuff that the council never seems to have enough of but that is no worry for us or for you because at the time of writing we have over 800 20kg bags, that’s over 16 Tonne in stock.

£5.99 per 20kg Bag or Five 20kg Bags for £25 – Save £4.95

Do I need that?
If you are planning to go out or have visitors come round then it would be a good idea to get something down to prevent any ice developing to prevent someone slipping over.

Snow Shovels
With the last few years being quite bad with the snow, prices for Snow Shovels have sky rocketed but we’ve been working hard at getting you the best products for low prices. We also have Car Shovels that are ideal for you to throw in the boot should you get stuck in the snow.

Push Shovel: £9.99
Standard Shovel: £12.99
Car Shovel: £19.99
Fibre Glass Handled Shovel: £34.99

Do I need that?
If you have a regular garden shovel you can use that but it’s not the easiest thing to use when clearing snow, if you only have a sprinkling of snow and don’t want to spend any extra money then a garden shovel will do the job. If you want to clear the snow quicker and easier then a snow shovel is the way to go.

De-Icer and Scraper
Chances are after you’ve dug the car out there’s about an inch of ice on the outside and inside of your windows and unless you have a Ford with a heated front screen you’re about ready to cry. We have rugged, soft grip handled ice scrapers and de-icers to help clear the ice as quickly as possible and unlike de-icers in a can, our spray bottles don’t re-freeze the windscreen after 10 minutes.

Look for our review on ice scrapers once the cold weather hits.

Ice Scraper: 99p
De-Icer 500ml: £2.49

Do I need that?
If you have a car then you will have used it in the past, de-icer is not just for clearing windows but is also very useful for getting frozen car doors, boots and bonnets open but do avoid getting it on the rubber seal as it can cause corrosion in some cases. It’s not just cars that can benefit as any frozen doors and locks at home can be dealt with (although having frozen doors is a great excuse for the in-laws to not come around).

Wellington Boots
You’re certainly not going out there in your slippers so you throw on a pair of trainers or shoes, if you manage not to slip and slide all over the place (unlike me this morning) then chances are your footwear and feet are soaked and freezing, with little chance of them drying before you head back out.

Heavy Duty Boots from £27.59
Classic Boots from: £12.99
Ladies Boots from: 24.99

Do I need that?
If you are going to be leaving the house when there’s snow on the ground then keeping your feet dry and warm is a priority.

Winter Gloves, Hats and Scarf’s
With the chilly mornings, days, afternoons and nights starting to settle in we all start breaking out the woolly hats, scarfs and gloves when we leave the house to try and keep warm.

Regatta Gloves, Hat and Scarf set: £7.99
Regatta Gloves, Hat and Scarf Double Pack: £11.99

Do I need that?
Only if you want to keep warm when Christmas shopping, speaking of, if you you’ve already got your winter woollies why not buy a stylish winter set from Regatta as a Christmas present this year?

Winter Jackets
One of the most if not the most important items you could buy for winter is a nice thick coat. We have a great range of men and women’s Regatta Winter coats in stock and better yet they’re up to 60% off.

Regatta Pebbles Black or White: Was £25 Now: £9.99 – Save £15.01
Regatta Hacken 3-in-1:            Was £75 Now: £34.99 – Save £40.01
Regatta Cathie Fleece:              Was £20 Now: £9.99 – Save £10.01
Regatta Women’s Mayzy 3-in-1: Was £75 Now: £42.99 – Save £32.01

Plus many more in stock!

Do I need that?
If you’re looking for a high quality, windproof and waterproof jacket that will keep you warm this winter when out clearing snow, visiting relatives or having a snowball fight then look no further than Earlswood this winter.

Now all the hard work is out of the way it’s time to actually have some fun and what better way is to find the biggest hill and fly down it on a sledge?

Speed Slider: £12.99 or 2 for £20 – Save £5.98
Race Sledge: £14.99 or 2 for £25 – Save £4.98

Do I need that?

Coal & Fuel Logs
Time to get those frozen fingers and toes warm, if you have a good old fashioned fireplace we have everything you need to get that fire lit and continue to burn throughout the night.

Smokeless Coal 10kg: £6.29
House Coal 10kg: £5.29 or 2 for £9.99 – Save £59p
Blazer Logs: £5.99 or 3 for £15.99 – Save £1.98
Firewood from £4.99
Firelighters 14 pack: £1.49
Calor Gas from £15.99

Do I need that?
If you have a traditional gas, coal or wood fireplace/pit we have everything you need to stay warm this winter. If you are looking for a fireplace/pit then look no further as we have Chimenea’s and Fire Pits from La Hacienda and Weber from only £39.99

Winter Fleece
Winter fleece protects your vulnerable seedlings, young vegetable and herb plants and valuable pot plants from the fickle winter weather.

8m x 1.5m: £2.99
16m x 2m: £7.99

Do I need that?
Nothing’s worse that spending Spring and Summer getting your plants looking fabulous only for them to be obliterated in the Winter, by covering them in a fleece you’ll be giving them a great chance of surviving the sub-zero temperatures.

Bird Food
I’m not going to go into a huge spiel about bird food as I’ve already done that here.

Feed and Feeders from only £1.99

Do I need that?
If you have any birds that visit for the winter then now is the ideal time to get in some bird food, with their food source low during the cold months having a supply of food will help them survive the winter.

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