Gatemate - Arch Top Gate Hinge Kit

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Gatemate - Arch Top Gate Hinge Kit

• Suitable for all arch top garden gates
• Kit includes all fittings
• Available for left or right hang hanging gates
• Available in a Galvanised finish

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Suitable for all arch top garden gates.
Kit includes all fittings. (Latches, bolts and other accessories are sold separately)

Available for either left or right hand hanging gates.
How to decide which set you require.
Imagine looking at your gate from the front, where you can't see the hinges.
If it swings to the left, you need a right hand kit.
If it swings to the right, you need a left hand kit.

1. Place hinges onto the door/gate in the desired positions adjusting the overhang of the hands so the pins are central on the post or door frame. Pivot the bands so they are central on the rail of the gate. Drill 12mm holes and fix with the bolts provided.
2. Place the door/gate into position and support allowing correct clearances between the post/frame.
3. Place the hook on plates into the hinge socket and fix to the post.
4. Grease for smooth operation.