EasyCare - Black Spot Remover

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EasyCare - Black Spot Remover

• High performance cleaner
• Ideal for black & white spot and algae
• Kills and controls other natural contaminates
• Revitalises all concrete and stone
• Supplied in a 3 litre ready to use bottle
• Covers up to 15 sq.m



The EASY solution to remove stubborn areas of Lichen and Algae from paving and driveways. Infestations of Lichen, otherwise known as Black or White spot is one of the most difficult challenges in the landscape industry. This high performance treatment is formulated and proven to remove this unsightly and stubborn problem which regular paving cleaners and pressure washing cannot deal with.EASY Black Spot Remover kills these spores and makes removal easy with a pressure washer. As a by-product you'll find that your paving area will be cleaned, revived and invigorated.

Application - use neat as supplied
Shake the container well before use
Always test a small area before use to ensure compatibility and that the finished result is acceptable
Surface should be clean. Remove loose dirt, moss and other debris from the surface to be treated. A yard broom or firm bristle brush is ideal
Do not use in wet weather or if rain is forecast within the application period (see below)
Keep pets away until surface is fully dry
Ideal operating temperature between 10℃ and 30℃. Do not apply during rain, frost or when surface and air temperature is below 5ºC. If used in cooler temperatures effectiveness may be reduced and longer cleaning time may be required
Clean rollers, brushes and other equipment immediately after use with soapy water

1. Apply product to a damp (not wet) surface with a roller, brush or even a soft broom. Saturate the surface with a generous even coat at the following rates: Heavy soiling and contamination - 3m2 per litre. Light soiling and contamination at 5m2 per litre
2. Leave for 2 - 8 hours depending on the level of contamination. The heavier the contamination the longer it should be left before rinsing Extreme contamination may need even longer (up to 24 hours). To determine the time required, try a few test spots before completing the whole project
3. Rinse with high pressure water jet

The longer the product is left to work (up to 24 hours) the brighter the surface will appear

Coverage Area:
3 litre ready to use bottle - covers up to 15 sq.m