Blagdon - Bio-Start 4 Pack

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Blagdon - Bio-Start 4 Pack

• Supplies the family of good bacteria essential for your pond
• Perfect for when starting a new pond
• Highly effective
• Simple to use
• Available in a 4 pack - treats 9,000 litres



Bio Start contains biological cultures which within hours begin to set up the essential cycles that ensure pond water is safe for fish. Each sachet contains 8,500 million bacteria to consume fish waste. 
Fish disease and death often result from poor pond water quality; caused by fish waste building up to toxic levels. This dangerous condition typically occurs in new ponds and in the spring. At these times the biological cycles required to remove fish waste have not yet been established.

How to use:
Use Bio Start whether you have a filter or not.
• to establish a new pond
• in spring to kick start the pond out of its dormant state
• after using any medications, which may have damaged biological cycles
• after cleaning out your pond filter
• whenever you experience fish problems
• if test kits indicate high levels of toxic waste

1 sachet (9g) treats 2273 litres (500 gals) of pond water. Simply tear open the sachet and place the contents directly into the pond or filter.

This product will not harm any species of fish, plants or other pond life and is impossible to overdose