Blagdon - Pond Blanketweed Algaway - 621g

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Blagdon - Pond Blanketweed Algaway - 621g

• Effective pond treatment against blanket weed and string algae
• Easy to use
• Encourages pond plant growth
• Wildlife and pet safe
• Supplied in a 621g bottle



Pond Blanketweed algaway kills blanketweed and string algae which can then be removed from the pond to prevent further outbreaks. This treatment will also help to encourage healthy plant growth

How to use:
1. Remove as much blanket weed as possible by hand to increase the products rate of effectiveness.
2. Add one level capful of Algaway for every 1950L (429gal). We recommend dissolving Algaway in a bucket and then distributing evenly over the pond surface.
3. Apply this dose every week for one month and then as required thereafter. We recommend that the pond has a good level of aeration while adding any treatment
4. To prevent further new algae growth or dangerous deoxygenation of the pond, we recommend removing the dead algae as it appears and using Blagdon Sludge Buster to help break down the waste

Supplied in a 621g bottle