Blagdon - Pond Guardian Tonic Salt

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Blagdon - Pond Guardian Tonic Salt

• Supplies the family of good bacteria essential for your pond
• Perfect for when starting a new pond
• Highly effective
• Simple to use
• Available in a 4 pack - treats 9,000 litres



Pond Guardian's unique formulation helps to create the perfect environment for pond fish. This product stabilises pond water conditions, including all the important pH value. Pond Guardian is a major ally in your fishes' struggle to maintain a constant internal body environment, and helps to reduce the toxic effects of fish waste products.

Pond Guardian is one of the pond keeper's most versatile water treatments. It can be used in a variety of ways:

1. As a general pond tonic - 0.1% concentration - 455g per 455 litres (100 gallons)
A dose of Pond Guardian will help your fishes' immune system to combat disease.
2. As a mild pH buffer - 0.1% concentration - 455g per 455 litres (100 gallons)
Pond Guardian will guard against potentially damaging swings in pH (excess alkalinity or acidity), helping to keep the pH stable in the ideal range for pond fish - 6.5-8.5pH.
3. To help minimise the effects of stress on pond fish - 0.3% concentration - 1.365kg per 455 litres (100 gallons)
Pond fish can be subject to stress. This can be caused by a number of factors, the most common being over-crowding and poor water quality. Stress makes fish more susceptible to disease and can therefore be a killer.
4. As a supportive measure when treating for disease - 0.9% concentration - 4.095kg per 455 litres (100 gallons) added gradually over 3-4 days
When treating certain diseases, such as Ulcers, Dropsy, Fungus etc., with medical treatments it is often recommended to support the treatment with a course of salt.
NOTE: This level of salt should only be maintain for a maximum of 2 weeks, beyond 2 weeks damage to plants will occur.

How to use:
1. Calculate the ponds volume - click here to calculate.
2. Calculate the dose of Pond Guardian for your pond and measure into a bucket of warm water to help it dissolve.
3. Doses of 0.1% and 0.3% can be added in one go. Doses of 0.9% should be added steadily over 3-4 days. Divide your total dose by 3 or 4 and add daily to raise the concentration.
4. Pour your dose steadily into the pond to distribute it throughout the pond water. It may take some time dissolve depending on your dose.