KDM - Continental Panel Spacers

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KDM - Continental Panel Spacers

• Timber spacers
• Used to widen metric continental fence panels from 1.8m to 1.83m (6')
• Please Note:The price shown is for 2 spacers - one for each side of the panel



An essential component if you're replacing standard 6ft wide panels with metric width panels (1.8m) or when you're installing a new fence with metric sized panels and imperial sized gravel boards.

The price shown will provide 2 spacers. One spacer is fixed to each side of the panel to widen it to 1.83m (6ft).

When used with concrete slotted posts, the spacers are hidden by the recess of the post so they do not detract from the visual appearance of your fence.

Metric Panel Width = 1.8m
Imperial Panel Width = 1.83m (6ft)