Ronseal - Garden Paint - Willow

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• Add colour to just about anything in your garden.
• Can be used on wood, brick, terracotta, metal and stone.
• Rainproof within one hour of application.
• Protected from all weathers.
• High film build and longer lasting protection.
• Available in a wide variety of colours.
• This product is supplied in a 750ml and 2.5L tin.

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Ronseal Garden Paint adds colour to just about anything in your garden – wood, brick, terracotta, metal and stone. Whatever you decide to paint, it’ll look great, and be protected from the weather. Plus it’s rainproof in just one hour, as we know what our summers can be like.


Make sure it’s a warm, dry day (above 10°C) and that it’s not going to rain. Whatever you’re painting needs to be clean and dry.

Painting wood: Garden furniture If your furniture has been left outside for a while or is already painted, it will need a quick sand. This helps get rid of loose paint and flaking wood. If your furniture is new, a light sand will get rid of any rough splinters. Put on a face mask so you don’t breathe in the dust. Then give it a quick wipe with white spirit to remove any dirt or grease. 
Sheds and Fences: Just use a stiff brush to get rid of any dirt and you’re good to go. 
Decking: Don't use this on your decking. 
Painting metal: You need to get rid of any rust or loose paint with a wire brush. Then give it a quick wipe with white spirit. Before you paint you need to prime it with a suitable metal primer – this will make the paint stick and last longer. Painting brick, terracotta or stone: Just remove any dust or loose material with a stiff brush and give it a good wipe.


First, give the tin a good stir, use something wide like an old wooden spoon. To check you’re happy with the colour, find a hidden area and try it. Now you’re ready to start painting. When painting wood, you need to brush in the direction of the wood grain.

You’ll need to put on 3 coats, this will give you the best colour and protection. When painting on smooth surfaces, lightly sand between the 2nd and 3rd coat. Leave 4 hours between each coat. If you get any paint on yourself, it will wash off with warm, soapy water. If you've been painting furniture, it’s best to leave it a day or two before using it.


Scrape as much paint off your brush as you can. Then wash it out in warm, soapy water. Don’t empty any left over paints into drains or watercourses. Your local authority may have special ways to get rid of unused paints.

Usage Areas: Wood, brick, terracotta, metal, stone (don't use on plastic, iron, decking or areas that you'll walk on). 
Dry Time: It'll be rainproof in 1 hour and needs 4 hours between coats.

This product is supplied in a 750ml and 2.5L tin.