Headline Charades

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Headline Charades

• Classic game of Charades with a great twist.
• Contains over 150 news headlines.
• Supplied in a tin case.
• Would make an excellent gift this Christmas.
• Game is suitable for 2 to 6 players.
• Suitable for 8 years to adult.



Headline Charades with Paul Lamond. This tin of delights makes a fantastic after dinner game that will test your miming skills to the Max! this is a classic game of Charades but with a great twist.

Headline Charades contains over 150 news headlines to be mimed but can the teams identify it is a real headline or a spoof! acting out hilarious headlines will have your fellow players in hysterics! headlines include: ‘Man hit by biscuit calls police’, ‘legless priest steals armless Man’s wife’, ‘Man confuses loo door for plane door at 30,000ft’ and ‘woman blown up flushing Cockroach down loo!’ headline Charades is easy to set up, first shuffle the cards and divide the players into two teams.

A player on team one picks a card and turns over the egg-timer, the mimer has three turns of the egg-timer for team two to try and work out what the headline is. No speaking or drawing of letters is allowed but humming or any other actions are fine! if team two guess the headline correctly within the time they keep the card but first they have to take a guess at whether the headline was real or a spoof! if they guess correctly they can attempt another card.

A new mimer for team one then acts out the second headline but team two only have two turns of the egg-timer this time to guess the headline. If this is also guessed correctly team two can attempt to guess a third headline but again the time is reduced to just one turn of the egg-timer! it is team one’s turn if team two fail to guess a headline correctly, fail to identify the headline as a real or a spoof or they have collected three headline cards.

The first team to collect Seven cards is declared the winner! headline Charades is super fun to play, easy to set up and makes the perfect dinner party entertainment. The game is suitable for 2 teams, ages 8 to adult.