Gatemate - Ornamental Ring Gate Latch

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• 8" Ornamental Ring Garden Latch
• Available in a Galvanzied or Epoxy Black finish
• Heavy duty latching bar
• Sold individually with fixings and instructions included

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6" Ornamental Ring Gate Latch - Twisted available in a Galvanized or Epoxy Black finish. Includes a heavy duty latching bar; prevents bending when the gate slams shut. Supplied in individual packs with all the fixings and instructions required.

Note: On 5"-8" Twisted & Plain Ring Latches, keep slot and catch plate with offset.
1. Drill a 12mm hole in required position for the spindle (The spindle should be located such that allows the latch to overlap on the door/gate frame by 40-50mm) Insert spindle into hole.
2. Install the ring gate handles on either side of the door/gate with secure mounting plates with screws provided. (NOTE: Spindle inluded will accommdate up to a 100mm door/gate. Smaller door/gate will require the spindle to be cut down)
3. Slide the keep at least 50mm along latch or until it is entirely on the door/gate ensuring that latch is level when resting on bottom of keep slot. Fasten with screws provided.
4. Positon and fasten catch plate to door/gate frame ensuring that the latch rests securely in hook.