Plant A Tree For The Jubilee

Celebrate the 70th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II's accession to the throne by planting a tree for the Jubilee!

To mark this very special occasion, we're offering an unmissable deal to include:
All for only £9.99!

The sapling varieties we have available are:
• Prunus Avium ~ Bird Cherry
• Acer Campestre ~ Field Maple
• Acer Platanoides ~ Norway Maple
• Alnus Glutinosa ~ Black Alder
• Betula Pendura ~ Silver Birch
• Betula Pubescens ~ Downy Birch
• Carpinus Betulus ~ Horn Beam
• Corylus Avellana ~ Hazel
• Pinus Sylvestris ~ Scots Pine
• Fagus Sylvestris  ~ Beech
• Malus Sylvestris ~ Crab Apple
• Crataegus Monogyna ~ Hawthorn
• Tillia Cordata ~ Lime

Click here to view more information on each sapling.

Once you've planted your tree, register it on the official Queen's Green Canopy Map here:

For more information, pop in today or call us on 01564 702314 (opt 1)