EasyCare - Porcelain Cleaner & Sanitiser

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EasyCare - Porcelain Cleaner & Sanitiser

Price From: £10.95

• Ideal for all types of porcelain tiles
• Powerful and effective cleaning
• Non-acid - non-caustic formula
• Fast acting and safer to use
• Biodegradable - water based
• Available in a 1 litre bottle or 750ml trigger spray bottle

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Price From: £10.95



EASY Porcelain Cleaner & Sanitiser is a high performance cleaner for all types of porcelain tiles, pavers, marble, granite and terracotta.This powerful & effect water based cleaner is a non-acidic & non caustic soda formula which is fast acting and safe to use leaving a pleasant cherry odour. Results can be seen quickly without leaving any water marks. Available in a 1 litre bottle and handy sized ready-to-use 750ml trigger spray. 

Dilute with clean warm water in the following ratios:
Light soiling/general maintenance dilute 1 dose (100ml) to 5ltrs of water.
Heavy soiling add 3-4 does to (300 to 400 ml) to 5ltrs of water.
Spray or Mop on and leave for 5 minutes.
Agitate with a soft brush then rinse clean. Rinse well or the dirt remnants will leave markings. DO NOT LET THE PRODUCT DRY OUT.
Use a microfibre mop or cloth to polish before any remaining water marks dry.

Sensible Precautions
• Wear protective clothing, gloves and goggles.
• Always test on a small hidden portion of the surface to be cleaned to check compatibility and performance before commencing with the whole area.
• Keep pets and children away until surface is fully dry.
• Clean equipment immediately after use with clean water.

Storage & Display: Do not store or display below 5ºC. Keep out of direct sunlight and protect from frost - Keep container tightly closed

Coverage Area:
1 litre bottle - covers up to 300sq.m
750ml trigger spray bottle - Ideal for small problem areas