Size Matters

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Size Matters

• Classic game with a great twist.
• Contains over 1,000 trivial questions.
• Supplied in a tin case.
• Would make an excellent gift this Christmas.
• Game is suitable for 2 to 6 players.
• Suitable for 8 years to adult.



Size Matters by Paul Lamond this tin of delights makes a fantastic after dinner game, travel game or just simply a great trivia game! your guestimating skills will be tested to the Max as size matters contains over 1,000 utterly Trivial but fascinating questions! examples of questions include: ‘how tall is a fully grown giraffe?’, ‘measured in earth days, how long does it take Mars to orbit the sun?’, ‘how many burgers can be eaten in two minutes?’ and ‘if a flee were a human how high could it jump?’ size matters is quick to play and easy to set up, first select 30-50 of the question cards.

One player then takes on the initial role of the question master and reads aloud one of the questions on the top card without looking at the answer. The remaining players then have to decide as a group which number they think comes closest to the truth. When the group announces their number the question master then has three shouts, they must decide whether they believe the correct number is more than the group's answer, less than the group's answer or exactly right.

The correct answer is then revealed, if the question master is wrong the card is discarded and the next person becomes the question master. If the question master is right that both they and the group managed to get the answer spot on they keep the card and continue on as question master. If the question master guessed correctly that the answer was more or less than the group's guestimate then they keep the card and the next player becomes the question master.

The game continues until the stack of cards is used up and the player with the most cards is declared the winner. Size matters is quick to play, easy to set up and makes the perfect dinner party entertainment.

The game is suitable for 2 to 6 players, ages 8 to adult.