Sterling Lawn Turf (per Sq.m)

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Sterling Lawn Turf (per Sq.m)

• A very high quality seed grown turf
• Offers the greatest durability for normal to high wear applications
• Supplied in 1sq.m rolls (1.65m x 0.61m)

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A very high quality seed grown, fresh cut turf offering the greatest durability for normal to high wear applications.
Sterling turf has a rich dark-green colour, stunning looks and is easy to maintain in virtually all situations.
Ideal for domestic lawns, sports pitches, general recreation and amenity areas.

Grown using a rich blend of:
● Dwarf Ryegrass
● Creeping Red Fescue
● Chewing Fescue
● Bent grass

We require a minimum of 1 full days notice to order your turf and schedule a suitable delivery.
E.g. If you want to lay turf on Friday, your order must be received no later than close of business on Wednesday.

Turf is a fresh, living product and must be laid as soon as possible following delivery to prevent it drying out.
We only supply fresh turf and have deliveries into our centre every day (Mon-Fri) which helps us to ensure all orders are completed using rolls that have been supplied on the same day. Please state your preferred delivery / collection date when placing your order to avoid having the turf delivered too soon. Note: Deliveries are available Monday-Friday.

It is very common for small brown toadstools or mushrooms to appear in recently laid turf, especially during warm weather. This is not a defect and they can be easily removed by either mowing the lawn daily (no less than 25mm) until gone, picking them out or breaking their stems by brushing, which will allow them to dry out and disappear. For more information from the Turfgrass Growers Association, please click here.