Westland - Resolva - 24H

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Westland - Resolva - 24H

Price From: £4.99

• Ready to use solution.
• Kills tough weeds and roots.
• Fast acting solution.
• Visible results in 24 hours.
• Breaks down naturally in the soil.
• Contains diquat and glyphosate.
• Available in 250ml, 1 Litre, Liquid Shots, Power Pump & Power Pump Refill.

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Price From: £4.99



Resolva 24H is effective in use against grasses, docks, nettles, dandelion, bindweed and many more. Visible results can show 24 hours after application but it is recommended to leave 7 days from the first application before removing any dead foliage. The weed killer itself brakes down naturally into the soil.

Westland advise using this product on a calm, rain-free day from April to November because this is when weeds are actively growing with a large leaf area that will absorb the liquid spray.

Resolva 24H is available in:
• 250ml.
• 1 Litre.
• Liquid Shots.
• Power Pump.
• Power Pump Refill.


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