Calor Gas

We are stockists of Calor Gas and have both Butane (Blue) and Propane (Red or Green) bottles along with regulators to match.
IMPORTANT: You will need to bring an empty Calor bottle to exchange and it must match both size and type of gas you are purchasing.

Confused about which gas you need?

We appreciate that it can be very confusing to know which gas to use, especially if you've previously used a non-Calor Gas bottle however, it can be quite easy to find out which you need. In general, most modern BBQs, Patio Heaters & Caravans use Propane and most portable heaters use Butane but here's the easy way to find out what you need.

If you look at the regulator, (the metal part attached to the end of the gas hose) they're usually red for propane and blue for butane.
• For most BBQs and patio heaters, the regulator will be a red 27mm clip-on style for use with green Patio Gas bottles (propane).
• For most portable heaters, the regulator will be a blue 21mm clip-on style for use with blue butane bottles.
• For most Caravans, Motorhomes and Commercial equipment, the regulator will be a red screw-on style for use with red propane bottle.

If you're in any doubt, take a picture of your regulator and pop in to see us.