Weights & Measures Information

All sizes, weights & measures displayed online, in store, on any advertisements, posters or any other form of promotional material published by Earlswood Nurseries Ltd are approximate.
Although we try to be as accurate as possible with all details, sizes, weights and measures will vary from time to time, especially with natural products and this is completely out of our control.
If you require specific sizes, weights or measures of any given product(s), we strongly recommend you contact us or visit our centre to conduct you own individual research and check the details listed.

Sawn & Planed Lengths of Timber

Sawn and planed timber is advertised with the nominal size so the actual finished size may vary after the production process is completed.

Bulk Bags & Loose Tips

Each bulk bag and loose load supplied by Earlswood Nurseries Ltd will provide you with 0.5cu.m of product.
Many people refer to bulk bags as tonne bags but please be aware we do not sell by weight so we can guarantee the minimum amount of product you will receive.
We use a specially designed loading bucket that allows us to provide you with a minimum 0.5cu.m measure when filling a bulk bag or providing a loose load for our bulk products.
Some of our bulk bags and loose loads may contain more than 0.5cu.m of product however, this is not to be deemed as standard or guaranteed for future orders.

Paving Measurements and Coverage

All dimensions quoted are nominal. Hand cut products in particular will have tolerances and we will endeavour to make note of these where possible.
The area quoted for paving products includes the appropriate joint widths. This enables you to purchase the correct amount of paving to cover a given area. Where space is critical, we advise you to visit the centre to measure a selection of pieces and consult our sales team to ensure we supply you with the correct quantities for your project.