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All sizes, weights & measures displayed online, in store, on any advertisements, posters or any other form of promotional material published by Earlswood Nurseries Ltd are approximate.

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This website does not currently have a live inventory checker, meaning some items may be out of stock, even though you are able to add them to your shopping cart and complete your purchase. Our team are continually updating the stock availability to provide the most accurate information possible and will be happy to confirm stock level via the live chat system, during opening hours.

If an item you require is showing as out of stock, please check back daily or contact us to find out the expected re-stock date.


Once you place your order online, you will receive an order acknowledgement detailing the items you have ordered and the price you have paid. Once your order has officially been accepted by our team, you will receive an email to confirm the delivery date or, if you have chosen the collect in store option, to inform when your order will be ready to collect within 1 working day. (Please check your junk mail if nothing is received after 1 working day).

Your order is not confirmed until you receive your delivery or collection confirmation.


We are not bound by any delivery date or time put forward by you at any time. We strongly advise you to book your delivery to arrive the day before you plan to use the materials.
Most deliveries are completed within 3-5 working days of order but please book as early as possible, especially between March to October, if you need to receive your goods by a particular date.
If you have particular delivery instructions or if your address is difficult to find, please reply to your delivery confirmation email with details to assist the delivery driver.
Our delivery drivers are not authorised to deliver items to the rear of your property.
IMPORTANT: Please check your delivery for damage and/or missing items BEFORE signing. Once you sign for your delivery, we cannot accept any claims for damages or missing pieces.

We will endeavor to deliver your order within 3-5 working days, or later if request by you at the time of order.
We operate an all-day, kerbside-only delivery service between 7:30am-5:30pm and cannot guarantee or provide a delivery time.
You do not need to be present to accept delivery. If you are not present at the time of delivery, our driver will leave your goods in the most suitable place available.

We will endeavour to delivery your order within 3-5 working days, or later if requested by you at the time of order.
Pallet deliveries are completed on a kerbside-only basis using a tail lift and pallet truck between 7:00am-8:00pm and cannot guarantee or provide a delivery time.
Parcel courier deliveries are completed to your door between 7:00am-8:00pm and cannot guarantee or provide a delivery time.
You WILL need to be present to accept and sign for a pallet or parcel courier delivery.

For dropship orders, (items that are delivered direct from the supplier) the product listing will clearly show the current delivery lead time.
Dropship deliveries are completed on a kerbside-only basis using a tail lift and pallet truck between 7:00am-8:00pm and cannot guarantee or provide a delivery time.
You WILL need to be present to accept and sign for a pallet or parcel courier delivery.

The above timescales assume all of the items ordered are in stock and available for delivery. In the case of any item(s) being out of stock, we will contact you to discuss the lead-time, which is usually no longer than 14 days.
Delivery lead times may be longer during busy periods.

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We offer a very cost-effective delivery service for most of Mainland UK.

Delivery charges using our own vehicles are 'per order' and based on the delivery postcode area. The actual delivery cost for your order will be displayed once you enter your postcode in the shopping cart.

There are two options available for deliveries outside the West Midlands and Warwickshire areas:
1. Pallet Courier - Used for bulk items, such as bulk bags and patio packs.
2. Parcel Courier - Used for small shop items, such as boxes of grass seed.

Rates for each service vary depending on the delivery location and the products being ordered. Please add your items to the shopping cart and use the estimate delivery tool to find out your delivery charge before committing to purchase.

For more details about our delivery services, click here to view the Delivery Information page


Where an item qualifies for free delivery, such as our sheds and garden structures or dropship items that are delivered direct from the supplier, the product listing will be clearly marked to show this.
Our standard delivery charges will apply to any other products added to your order.


All prices include delivery, installation and VAT. Delivery restrictions may apply.

Please note: The current lead time on sheds and garden buildings is up to 8 weeks.
Due to all sheds and garden structures being made to order, once your order is placed, it cannot be cancelled.

We endeavour to install all standard sheds and structures within 4 weeks from the date of order. Lead times may be longer for bespoke buildings or during peak times. Once your order is received, we will keep you informed of the progress and confirm a fitting date. We promise Earlswood Sheds & Garden Structures are worth the wait!

Our sheds and large structures are part-built before delivery so you must ensure good, clear access with a minimum clearance height of 7’ (seven feet) and a length at least equal to the longest section of your structure is available to deliver your product to the area where it is to be erected.
We can work around most obstacles, as long as we know about them prior to delivery. Please contact us prior to placing your order if you are at all unsure to avoid delays and additional charges.

A suitable flat level base must be in situ prior to delivery to avoid additional costs for levelling your structure or installing a new base.
Note that a suitable base is required to validate your warranty and we will not accept an liability for a shed or structure installed on a base that we deem to be unsuitable.
Click here to order a shed base

Missed fitting appointments, failed delivery attempts due to poor access and failed installations due to an unsuitable base will be charged at our standard delivery charge and will delay your installation. In addition, you will be liable for any costs involved in amending your building or installing a suitable base. If you suspect you will not be able to make the agreed installation date and/or time, please notify us as soon as possible with a minimum of two clear days notice.

All Earlswood sheds and garden structures include delivery and fitting within a 15 mile radius of our centre, (B94 5JU).
Please contact us for a quote if you live outside of this area.


To help you get the most out of our products it’s useful to know a little more about the properties of timber, what's normal and how your Shed or Garden Building may behave as the seasons change. Wood is an extremely durable material for construction but as a natural product when used outdoors it is susceptible to changes in the environment.


Wood contains a natural level of moisture so decreasing humidity levels in the surrounding air may cause panels to change their shape as the porous fibres shrink. This can be exaggerated during prolonged periods of dry weather. Movement and gaps in timber products are normal, in most cases the wood will revert to its original form once the high temperatures subside and there is more moisture content in the air. Similarly, in the winter months, the opposite may occur with wood swelling.

All timber will expand and contract according to its environment. As a result of this expansion and contraction, it is very common to see splits and cracks developing in the wood. Splits are common during the spring and summer months as the wood begins to dry out. The outer surface dries first and contracts, contracting over a still expanded core of the wood. The result of this is that splits and cracks appear along the grain of wood. These splits are not a fault and do not affect the structural integrity of a product. Knots are another problem, Live knots are generally lighter in colour, dead knots are usually black and may fall out over time.

Mould is a surface-dwelling fungus that feeds on the nutrients and debris contained in the surface cells of timber. The most common problems associated with mould are discoloured timber and an increase in permeability of the timber. Mould does not cause the timber to rot. Keep the building well ventilated to avoid mould. Good airflow around the perimeter of the Shed or Garden Building and regular ventilation inside the Shed or Garden Building will help prevent mould and mildew. Why does mould form in Sheds and Garden Buildings? Mould loves moisture. This is particularly evident in buildings where people may store damp (it doesn’t have to be very wet to be damp) furniture including cushions, gardening equipment, bikes, Camping equipment in bags or golf clubs etc. It is therefore important to ensure anything you store in your timber building is dry or stored in sealed plastic containers. Typically, buildings of this nature are single-skinned buildings with single glazing meaning you get moisture build-up and condensation. In the winter months, when your Shed or Garden Building is out of use, it’s not getting the air circulation needed and there is nowhere for the moisture to escape. Constant moisture is the prime breeding ground for mould to form in your Shed or Garden Building. When a building is not aired it invites moisture to build up and this creates mould spores. In dry conditions, pin the doors back and get the air flowing. Good air circulation stops the warm heat from staying stagnant inside and creates a through draft which dries the timbers. You’ll need to do this especially if you aren’t using it for a while due to weather or whatever reason.
Top 5 Tips to Prevent Mould in your Shed or Garden Building:
• Ventilate your Shed or Garden Building
• Make sure everything is dry
• Add moisture absorbers or a dehumidifier
• Keep perishables off your Shed or Garden Building floor
• Add insulation or treat the inside of your building every 12 months

We are not insured to carry Shed or Garden Building sections over garage roofs, high fences, high hedges and brick walls. Long sections may not be able to be handled around sharp corners or bends. Charges may apply for failed deliveries. All our Sheds and Garden Buildings require a flat, level base, ideally this should be at least the same footprint as the building to allow surface water to run off without pooling. Take care when planning and laying a base near to a boundary fence or wall. Please bear in mind that all Sheds and Garden Buildings have a roof overhang all the way round, When the installers arrive, as above they will expect a perfectly flat, level, solid base ready to build your building on to. The base needs to be constructed of either paving slabs or concrete, the installers cannot build on grass, hard-core, soil or gravel. The base will also need to be at least the same size as your building or a bit larger. Please ensure the roof overhang of your new building has been accounted for when laying your base, ideally a gap of at least 60cm should be left between your base and any nearby fences, walls, trees, or other buildings. If your base is deemed unsuitable by the installers but it is still possible to erect the building you will be asked to sign to acknowledge that the base is unsuitable and forego the guarantee. If your base is deemed unsuitable and it is not physically possible to erect the building, your building will be left on site. The installers will return to erect the building when the base has been made good, but this service is chargeable or you can erect the building yourself, there is no self-erect discount unless selected when purchasing.

Buildings will all have been pre-treated with Barrettine Dark Brown dipping treatment unless the customer has selected an untreated building. It is important that buildings are regularly treated with a suitable timber treatment, we would recommend Barrettine Wood Preserver or Barrettine wood protective treatment or treatment of a similar standard, the treatment should be applied both outside and inside within 6 months of first build (for untreated buildings immediately then 6 months thereafter) and then applied every 12 months to maintain the appearance of the timber and to comply with the conditions of the guarantee. The application and/or mixing guidelines provided by the manufacturer of the timber treatment should be followed. Be careful with colour choice of your Wood Preserver or Wood Protective Treatment, if Dark Brown for example is continually applied the building will get very dark after several treatments. Oil locks and hinges regularly. Check Roof felt regularly replace if compromised. 10 Year Anti-rot Guarantee Protects the wood on your building against rot and decay.

Every Garden Building purchased from Earlswood Garden & Landscape Centre (“EGLC”) comes with a 10-year guarantee on the wooden structure and a 12-month Guarantee against poor workmanship, leakage, door sticking and lock failure. Buildings will all have been pre-treated with Barrettine Dark Brown dipping treatment unless the customer has selected an untreated building.
The EGLC guarantee covers the wooden structure against:
• rot
• decay
• insect infestation (Wasp Nests excluded)
Please note: The guarantee does not cover timber splits or warping which may occur naturally over time. As timber is a natural product it is important that you treat your Garden Building within 6 months of installation and once a year thereafter (immediately if an untreated Garden Building is purchased). Please keep your receipt for your records as this forms part of your guarantee.

To comply with the conditions of the guarantee:
• If the Customer elects to assemble, instructions which are supplied with each building should be adhered to comply with the conditions of the guarantee.
• If any part of pre-treated timber is cut, notched, or drilled then an approved cut-end treatment should be applied to comply with the conditions of the guarantee.
• A suitable timber treatment, we would recommend Barrettine Wood Preserver or Barrettine wood protective treatment or treatment of a similar standard, should be applied both outside and inside within 6 months of first build (for untreated buildings immediately then 6 months thereafter) and then applied every 12 months to maintain the appearance of the timber and to comply with the conditions of the guarantee. The application and/or mixing guidelines provided by the manufacturer of the timber treatment should be followed.

We reserve the right not to honour claims under this Guarantee at our discretion, in any circumstances, which include, but are not limited to, the following:
• If the building has been customised or modified in any way.
• The person claiming is not the original purchaser of the building.
• The building has not been treated as outlined in the Validity of the Guarantee Section above.
• The building has not been erected on a suitable sized flat, solid level concrete / slab base.
• The building has not been erected, fitted, or installed correctly.
• The building is or has been placed within 2 feet (60cm) of any obstruction (walls, tress, fences etc) which can allow moisture to penetrate the timber.

Wood is a natural product and susceptible to changes in the external environment. Extremes of temperature or weather conditions will cause a reaction in the timber. Sawn timber and machine-rounded items may split. This will not affect the structural strength of the wood or the product guarantee. The Seller shall not be liable to the Buyer or be deemed to be in breach of the contract by reason of any delay in performing, or any failure to perform, any of the Seller's obligations in relation to the Goods, if the delay or failure was due to any cause beyond the Seller's reasonable control. Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, the following shall be regarded as causes beyond the Seller's reasonable control:
• Flooding
• Storm
• Fire
• Explosion
• War or threat of War, Sabotage, civil unrest, or requisition

These terms and conditions do not affect your statutory rights


For your convenience, we offer a split pack service for most mixed size paving products stocked at our centre*, meaning these products can be purchased per square meter, (m² or sq.m) which can save you £s.
You don't need to work out the quantities of each size required, simply enter the total area of square meters you want to cover and we will supply the correct mixture of sizes to create a random patio pattern.

We recommend you order an extra 5% to allow for cuts, breakages and waste.
Example: An area measuring 5m wide x 4m long is 20sq.m but we recommend ordering 21sq.m.

*A limited number of paving products are excluded from our split pack service. A 30% split pack charge will apply for orders of less than one full pack.


We can also supply single-size or specific quantities for many paving products.
Please contact us for more information


A selection of our Earlstone paving range is available to buy in full pack quantities direct from the supplier, saving you £s. The price also includes delivery to almost all parts of Mainland UK and is usually completed within 3-4 working days.
Click here to view the current Earlstone dropship paving range.


There is a 'breakage in transit' allowance of 5% for all paving project packs. We advise you to order an additional 5% than the area being covered to allow for cuts, breakages and waste.



Direct loads of topsoils, sands & aggregates are made on large, articulated tipper HGVs, direct from the quarry.

In addition to our standard delivery terms and conditions, you will need to ensure:
A. There are no overhead obstacles that may prevent the tipper vehicle from completing the delivery, including trees, telephone cables and/or any other objects or cables.
B. All access roads are clear and suitable for an articulated tipper truck.
C. You have a suitable sized area to accept the full load in a single tip.

You will still be charged if the delivery cannot be completed due to the above conditions not being met.
Please contact us before placing your order if you are unsure.


All online orders are pending confirmation until they are accepted and you receive a confirmed delivery date or collection notice email. All emails and communications prior to this are to be deemed as acknowledgement of your order only.
In the event an order is not accepted, you will be contacted within one working day to advise of the reason and a full refund will be issued.

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