Gatemate - Field Gate Adjustable Double Strap Hinge Set

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• Field gate adjustable double hinge kit
• Available in 3 different sizes
• Epoxy Black or Galvanized finish options
• Comes Pre-packed with all required fixings

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Field Gate Adjustable Double Strap Hinge Set available in 3 different sizes with either a Epoxy Black or Galvanized finish. Supplied in individual packs complete with fitting instructions and fixings.

1. Fix the bands on the gate in the desired position using the screws and bolts provided.
2. Offer the gate/door up to the posts allowing for a suitable gap between the ground and the bottom of the gate and wedge in the correct position.
3. Fix the gate eyes to the bands so that they are secured finger tight halfway along the threaded shank.
4. Put the hooks on plates into the eyes & fit with the screws provided. One hook can be reversed for security.
5. Hang the gate on the single hook and position the other hook. Adjust the gate eyes to ensure the gate/door is level and tighten all nuts using an adjustable spanner.
6. Grease for smooth operation.